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Conflict And Housing, Land And Property Rights

RRP $256.99

Housing, land and property (HLP) rights, as rights, are widely recognized throughout international human rights and humanitarian law and provide a clear and consistent legal normative framework for developing better approaches to the HLP challenges faced by the UN and others seeking to build long-term peace. This book analyses the ubiquitous HLP challenges present in all conflict and post-conflict settings. It will bridge the worlds of the practitioner and the theorist by combining an overview of the international legal and policy frameworks on HLP rights with dozens of detailed case studies demonstrating country experiences from around the world. The book will be of particular interest to professors and students of international relations, law, human rights, and peace and conflict studies but will have a wider readership among practitioners working for international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank, non-governmental organizations, and national agencies in the developing world.

Intellectual Property Management In R&d Collaborations

RRP $29.99

With this work, Martin Bader examines how companies can take an int- lectual property lead during the early stages of inter-firm research and - velopment (R&D) collaborations. Previously, little research has inves- gated the management of patents in the early phases of the innovation process. Furthermore, there is a dearth of research on patent management in the service industry sector, in which intellectual property management remains a new concept. Bader offers a detailed examination of the process by considering the service industry sector and analyzes a current, relevant, complex problem prominent in management research. The research at hand stems from two phenomena, both of which are based on knowledge gains achieved in the area of intellectual property management in recent years. First, the number of announced patent app- cations has increased by 20 30% per year even without considering multiple patent registrations in several countries. Second, the number of collaborative agreements in the innovation process has simultaneously - creased. However, many R&D collaborations eventually turn out to be - successful, so the question arises: To whom does the intellectual property generated by a collaboration belong? This ownership often is decided and specified during the early phases of the R&D process."

Intellectual Property In Global Governance

RRP $457.99

Intellectual Property in Global Governance critically examines the evolution of international intellectual property law-making from the build up to the TRIPS Agreement, through the TRIPS and post-TRIPS era. The book focuses on a number of thematic intellectual property issue linkages, exploring the formal and informal institutional interactions and multi-stakeholder holder intrigues implicated in the global governance of intellectual property. Using examples from bio-technology, bio-diversity, bio-prospecting and bio-piracy it investigates the shift or concentration in the focus of innovation from physical to life sciences and the ensuing changes in international intellectual property law making and their implications for intellectual property jurisprudence. It examines the character of the reception, resistance and various nuanced reactions to the changes brought about by the TRIPS Agreement, exploring the various institutional sites and patterns of such responses, as well as the escalation in the issue-linkages associated with the concept and impact of intellectual property law.

Drawing upon multiple methodological approaches including law and legal theory; regime theory, globalization and global governance Chidi Oguamanam explores the intellectual property dynamics in the "Global Knowledge Economy" focusing on digitization and information revolution phenomenon and the concept of a post-industrial society. The book articulates an agenda for global governance of intellectual property law in the 21st century and speculates on the future of intellectual property in North-South relations.

Perfect Justice

RRP $15.99

"BERNHARDT IS A MASTER LEGAL TOUR GUIDE, taking the reader through the labyrinth of the judicial system of America's heartland."
--Mostly Murder
A young Vietnamese immigrant is brutally slaughtered by a crossbow. The prime suspect is a ruthless member of a white supremacy group.
When attorney Ben Kincaid reluctantly agrees to confer with the presumed murderer, he encounters a chilling certainty: an innocent man has been cast as a scapegoat. To rebalance the scales of justice, Ben chooses to represent the accused man--thereby placing both attorney and client at the explosive center of a community torn apart by xenophobia, racism, and violence.
But the real fireworks will go off in court--in an incendiary murder trial with more twists than a dustbowl tornado (.
--The Orlando Sentinel

Property Rites

RRP $19.99

High-born and beautiful, Alasha Malkenstorm is heiress to her mother's lands, titles and powers - until the day she is robbed of everything by the stroke of a trickster's pen. Sold into slavery by her swindling stepfather, Alasha must find reserves of tenacity and courage she never knew she had as degradation mingles with slowly kindled lust. Collared, ringed, pierced and whipped, she is auctioned at the block and passed from man to woman and back again. For the sake of her people, Alasha knows she must find a way to reclaim her inheritance - but how can she turn her back on the man she has come to love, or her own submissive nature?


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