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Intellectual Property Rights In A Fair World Trade System

RRP $442.99

This important new book constitutes a serious examination of both the positive potential, as well as the deficiencies, of the TRIPS agreement. In the light of their analysis, the editors and their colleagues make a powerful case for wide ranging reforms. Intellectual Property law (IP) - particularly in relation to international trade regimes - is increasingly finding itself challenged by rapid developments in the technological and global economic landscapes. In its attempt to maintain a responsive legislative system that is interacting successfully with global trade rules, IP is having to respond to an increasing number of actors on an international level. This book examines the problems associated with this undertaking as well as suggesting possible revisions to the TRIPS agreement that would make it more relevant to the environment in which today's IP mechanisms are operating. The overall aim is to find an adequate response to the 'IP balance dilemma'. The theme is pursued throughout various topics, including a look at what this means in relation to economy in a country like China, and also considering how IP is increasingly having to reconcile itself with human rights issues. This book will appeal to academics, policy makers and post-graduate students in IP and international trade law, as well as related fields, such as development and human rights.

International Intellectual Property

RRP $510.99

nternational Intellectual Property: A Handbook of Contemporary Research aims to provide researchers and practitioners of international intellectual property law with the necessary tools to understand the latest debates in this incredibly dynamic and complex field. The book combines doctrinal analysis with ground-breaking theoretical research by many of the most recognised experts in the field. At its core, it offers overviews of the structure and content of the two instruments that can undoubtedly be considered historically as the most important intellectual property treaties, namely the Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property. Several chapters also discuss parts of the TRIPS Agreement. This important book will prove a valuable resource for students and academics of international intellectual property wishing to obtain useful knowledge of current issues such as, conflicts between IP (especially patents and trademark) rights, geographical indications, protection of luxury brands, orphan works and innovation.

Economic Damages In Intellectual Property

RRP $255.99

<b>Insider Information at Your Fingertips</b> <p> Determining the worth of intellectual property (IP) is a complicated task. An IP litigator needs to conclude the monetary damage occurring as a result of harm done to an inventor's or a company's reputation as well as the economic damage caused by compromise of an idea or invention due to its unauthorized usage. <p> Edited by litigation expert Daniel Slottje, <i>Economic Damages in Intellectual Property: A Hands-On Guide to Litigation</i> sheds light on how to quantify damages in IP litigation matters with revealing contributions from IP professionals, attorneys, economics professors, certified public accountants and other damages professionals. <p> This essential resource is thoroughly researched with timely insight on quantification of damages; evaluation of damage claims in trade secrets; patent, copyright, and trademark cases; economic damages; and much more. <p> With IP litigation becoming more and more prevalent today, the demand increases for IP professionals and attorneys to understand how economists, accountants, and financial analysts quantify damages in IP matters. <i>Economic Damages in Intellectual Property: A Hands-On Guide to Litigation</i> demystifies this process and provides you with an "at-your-fingertips" resource brimming with current, relevant information in the field of intellectual property litigation.

Just A Brooklyn Girl

RRP $27.50

I am just a 75 year old Brooklyn woman of Italian descent. As they say, "you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the girl."

Some portions of my life are written down for the record so that my grandchildren could get a sense of who I am. (family version)

I was 11 months old when Pearl Harbor was attacked and very happy I was too young to understand the repercussions of war. All I remember is hiding under my desk in air raid drills, a false sense of security.

Memories of a truck rumbling down the street carrying a huge ride that swung back and forth for a dime with only a bar across our little laps to hold us in.

Remembering that aroma emanating from mom's kitchen every Sunday, wearing her full apron cooking the best meatballs and gravy on the block (today known as sauce).

Sitting on the fire escape to avoid the steamy nights seeing the fireworks from Coney Island after watching Milton Berle every Tuesday.

Fun playing on the sidewalks with no fear of predators, playing potsy, stoop ball and hide and go seek only to mention a few games.

I graduated from Bay Ridge High and after graduation worked at the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital as a Ward Secretary. Twice married and children later, I worked as an Executive Assistant for 22 years where I had the greatest streetwise education and experiences in my life.

Volunteering for various charities, singing on stage, gifts of psychic abilities, reading books on the afterlife were my outside interests. (and let's not forget red wine)

This book is a guide for survival. The chapters include stories of growth through accomplishments made with a fearless, positive attitude. Hopefully, my little book will make you laugh. Enjoy!

The Property Masters

RRP $518.99

This is a thorough exploration of the evolution of the commercial property investment and development markets from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. It explains how the current investment scene emerged and fills an important gap in the literature on the property market.


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