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Custody Of Investments

RRP $361.95

This book focuses on the legal implications of how assets are held on behalf of investors by other parties (such as brokers, investment managers, specialist custodians and central depositaries) and in particular how the chosen method affects the legal rights of the investor over the assets in question. The impact of immobilisation, dematerialisation, fungible holdings and settlement practices are all considered. The book also covers the effect of the use of custody assets for security, the duties of custodians, the remedies of investors, cross-border custody and the regulatory response to custody business. An authoritative work for practitioners, academics and reference libraries specializing in financial services, banking and investment law, both in the UK and internationally, it provides one of the clearest and most up to date analyses of these subjects available.

China's Offshore Investments : A Network Approach

RRP $285.99

Presenting a thorough analysis of China's outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the last quarter of a century - something little explored in the literature - this book explores, the rationale behind its emergence and development. China's outward FDI exhibits unique features in respect of timing, pace and geographical distribution that defy the existing mainstream theories of FDI. China's Offshore Investments uses the framework of a network model of FDI, which is developed by applying economic norms to ideas of networks in business analysis. This network model has been designed specifically by Dexin Yang for the purpose of theorising the changing pattern of FDI in the era of globalisation in general and interpreting China's FDI in particular.
Scholars and researchers interested in the fields of FDI and Multinational Enterprise (MNE) analysis, economic development and the Chinese economy will all find this book of great interest. Policymakers will also find much to engage them within this book.

A Practical Guide To Managed Investments

RRP $24.99

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MANAGED INVESTMENTS is an essential reference for those acting as existing responsible entities of managed investments, their advisers and their investors or those considering embarking on a career in funds management. Those involved in such schemes will find this third edition vital to their understanding of how managed investment schemes are formed and how those schemes raise capital, operate, interact with members and ASIC and ultimately wind up. The book explores the licensing requirements and duties of a responsible entity, registration and fundraising, compliance systems and disclosure obligations, and the types of arrangements regulated by the Corporations Act. In doing so, the text comments on the legislation, ASIC regulatory guides, class orders, practice notes and the case law that govern managed investment schemes in Australia. Further features of this new edition include a new chapter concerning member meetings, assistance in tackling problems that may arise in relation to managed investment schemes, practical suggestions on dealing with ASIC and discussion of future developments in this evolving area of the law.

Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792)

RRP $291.99

Often called the "Swedish Mozart", Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792) can be considered the principal figure at the court of Gustav III of Sweden, whose idiosyncratic love for the theater led to the creation of a unique cultural milieu. Kraus, born in Germany and trained by members of the Mannheim orchestra, was a member of the Sturm und Drang Hainbund and later achieved a considerable reputation for his music, conducting, and pedagogocal interests.

This work contains an expanded thematic catalogue outlining the music of this composer, arranged systematically according to genre. Part I contains a series of essays giving a source-critical study, including an examination of issues of authenticity and chronology. Part II is devoted to the catalogue itself.

Program-related Investments

RRP $769.99

Program-related investments (PRIs) are hybrid grants/loans made by foundations to charities. They allow foundations to stretch their limited funds further. This book provides foundations with guidelines for evaluating PRIs, monitoring grant recipients, and tracking returned funds.


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