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How To Start Investing In Stocks

RRP $17.99

This book is written for the person who knows nothing about buying or selling stocks but would like to start investing in these types of securities. It begins with how a public traded company originates and becomes available to being bought and sold by the general public. Basic words and terms are explained and how they are used to describe and compare a potential value of different businesses. The book goes on to explain conservative investment strategies in what should be avoided to prevent excessive losses. Information in this book, if followed, will give an absolute beginner the knowledge to go on to accumulate a substantial estate.

Buying And Investing In Land

RRP $18.99

Why invest in land? You don't have to worry about tenants, insurance, and fixing up a house. Investing in land can be a lower risk more stable investment with greater long term results. Unlike the stock market, you own something tangible that you can actually see, touch and use. Wealthy real estate investors know that there has never been a better time to invest in land-- if you know what you are doing! This book will show you the secrets that wealthy investors use to make good land purchase decisions. Learn what you need to know to start your own real estate land investing business. Land scams abound on the Internet. Don't get caught by them and lose your hard earned money! Learn how to find the right kind of land that will be a great investment or land you can use in the future. This book includes information on: How to buy land-- Including putting together an investment plan, options for financing your land purchase, the purchase process, what kind of land to buy, and how to find your land. Doing your "due diligence"-- Avoiding poor choices, land scams, due diligence issues, help with due diligence, and the pros and cons of HOA's. What to do with the land you own-- How to sell your land, and a special chapter with over 50 ideas on ways to use vacant land. Watch for more books to come in the "Top Secrets of Wealthy Real Estate Investors" Series. Book 2 will be "Easy Insider Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster & for More Cash"

The Art Of Investing

RRP $18.99

Pining for the "good old days" of Wall Street?

(NOTE: This is a new edition of the classic work, not a scanned reproduction of an old library book.)

When the New York Stock Exchange's primary purpose was to raise the capital the United States needed to finance the infrastructure of a young and growing country?

When conservative investors bought stocks to buy and hold for the long haul?

When brokers had the best interests of their clients at heart?

When the stock exchange listed only high quality stocks for sale?

When corporations did not deceive creditors by using the same property as the basis for multiple issues of bonds?

When Wall Street investment bank focused on providing good service, not in coming up with new financial products -- that is, inventing ever more new and risky ways to separate ordinary investors from their money?

When a man and a company's word was good, so you didn't have to study the fine print of every security before investing?

When a stock's current market price was fairly representative of its true value?

When Treasury bonds paid enough interest to support retirees?

Then DON'T read this book!

You'll be horribly disillusioned.

The author was a New York broker who wrote to warn ordinary people of the many dangerous ways to invest.

Much of what he wrote reminds us of modern Wall Street, without the complications made possible by computers.

It was the Gilded Age, according to Mark Twain . . .

The "robber barons" were creating industrial fortunes

Financiers got wealthy manipulating stocks on Wall Street

The young United States needed roads, farms, railroads and water works, and investors unknowingly were paying five to six times their actual costs

The western frontier was still being tamed, but every small town could have a speculator running the risk of "stock-gambling" and the resultant bankruptcy and even suicide -- like day trading without your own PC.

So check out book that blows the lid the insider secrets of Wall Street past . . .

Then substitute "biotech or Internet" for "railroad" and the latest craze for "water works" and you'll have a guide to warn you not to fall for the ways investors can lose their shirts in the 21st century . . .


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