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Conflict And Housing, Land And Property Rights

RRP $256.99

Housing, land and property (HLP) rights, as rights, are widely recognized throughout international human rights and humanitarian law and provide a clear and consistent legal normative framework for developing better approaches to the HLP challenges faced by the UN and others seeking to build long-term peace. This book analyses the ubiquitous HLP challenges present in all conflict and post-conflict settings. It will bridge the worlds of the practitioner and the theorist by combining an overview of the international legal and policy frameworks on HLP rights with dozens of detailed case studies demonstrating country experiences from around the world. The book will be of particular interest to professors and students of international relations, law, human rights, and peace and conflict studies but will have a wider readership among practitioners working for international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank, non-governmental organizations, and national agencies in the developing world.

Intellectual Property And Human Rights

RRP $350.99

`Gathering together essays by leading commentators, Professor Willem Grosheide's timely book offers an excellent overview of the many significant questions of social and legal policy that emerge at interface between intellectual property and human rights. The relationship between intellectual property and human rights is, or should be, central to the thinking of everyone concerned with some of the most profound problems with which individual nations and the international community must now contend - including scientific, technological, and cultural development, public health, access to culture, education, freedom of expression, rights of indigenous peoples and the rights of creative workers. Providing a range of views on the human rights implications of intellectual property law and policy, this collection makes a valuable contribution to current debates on these critically important issues.' ---Graeme Austin, University of Arizona, USA

In the modern era where the rise of the knowledge economy is accompanied, if not facilitated, by an ever-expanding use of intellectual property rights, this timely book provides a much needed explanation to the relationship between intellectual property law and human rights law.

The contributors promote the view that this relationship should be central to the analysis of many of the profound problems that nation states and the international community encounter today, be they scientific, technological or cultural. The book is divided into sections covering the law and its trends, IP rights as human rights and human rights as restrictions to IP rights.

This stimulating book will appeal to academics, postgraduate students, national and international public authorities and those involved with international organizations in the fields of intellectual property law and human rights law.

Men, Women And Property In England, 1780-1870

RRP $752.99

This is an innovative study of middle-class behaviour and property relations in English towns in Georgian and Victorian Britain. Through the lens of wills, family papers, property deeds, account books and letters, the author offers a reading of the ways in which middle-class families survived and surmounted the economic difficulties of early industrial society. He argues that these were essentially 'networked' families created and affirmed by a 'gift' network of material goods, finance, services and support, with property very much at the centre of middle-class survival strategies. His approach combines microhistorical studies of individual families with a broader analysis of the national and even international networks within which these families operated. The result is a significant contribution to the history, and to debates about the place of structural and cultural analysis in historical understanding.

Economics Of International Business : A New Research Agenda

RRP $347.99

Mark Casson believes that the time has come to move away from sterile debates on transaction cost economies and resource-based theories of the firm. His dynamic perspective highlights the volatility of the international business environment.

A Roadmap For Formal Property Verification

RRP $436.99

Integrating formal property verification (FPV) into an existing design process raises several interesting questions. This book develops the answers to these questions and fits them into a roadmap for formal property verification - a roadmap that shows how to glue FPV technology into the traditional validation flow. The book explores the key issues in this powerful technology through simple examples that mostly require no background on formal methods.


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