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Investing In St Petersburg

RRP $269.99

Investing in St. Petersburg is the first English language guide to the market reforms which are taking place in Russia's second city and its surrounding region and to the tremendous opportunities available to foreign investors and business.
Investing in St. Petersburg provides an objective assessment of the economic and investment climate, information on market potential in key industry sectors, combined with uniquely authoritative practical advice on the mechanics of investing and doing business in the city covering topics such as: commercial law, tax and accounting, banking and finance, corporate governance, intellectual property, and human resources. Editorial contributions come from local business experts, academics and crucially, from leading banks and international professional service firms with direct hands-on business experience of the region.

Principles And Practice Of Impact Investing

RRP $321.99

Impact investing is gaining global attention from society, governments and businesses. Increasingly, it is seen as a new paradigm to deal with the economic crisis and curtailed public budgets, an answer to the diversified needs of society. It now ranks high on the policy agenda of governments and international organizations, and private investors are searching for new investment opportunities to channel the liquidity available. This book is the first to look at impact investing as a "refocus" of venture capital to sustain the development of societal impact enterprises. Principles and Practice of Impact Investing collects chapters from international experts on the subject, discussing the foundations of the movement, analysing leading international cases and debating future trends in the field. It also includes interviews with some of the most influential stakeholders of impact investing across the world. The book is an inspirational and practical guide for actors and stakeholders to enable better understanding of impact investing. Taking an international perspective, the chapters primarily deal with mature economies, setting it apart from the existing literature focused on emerging countries. The book will be of interests to practitioners and executives, as well as researchers and MBA students.

Investing Into North African Solar Power

RRP $354.99

This book investigates how a North African solar thermal power plant can be set up under the guidance of European investors (e.g. the Desertec Concept) as a Public Private Partnership (PPP). It outlines the importance of early awareness of contract-related risks, investment risks and dispute settlement, arguing that commercial and investment arbitration are the best tools for settling disputes regarding a large-scale solar thermal project. Furthermore, by comparing institutional and ad hoc arbitration, it shows that the former offers highly suitable support. The latest developments in the area of investment arbitration under EU law and the general acceptance of arbitration in Islamic countries are examined in particular. This book also demonstrates that a solar thermal power plant must meet certain requirements to be considered an investment. These requirements are examined in relation to Art. 25 of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Convention (ICSID Convention) and respective case law. Overall, the book offers valuable guidelines for investors and host states on how to successfully implement large-scale solar thermal projects.

Licensing In International Strategy

RRP $256.99

This book examines the role of technology transfer and licensing in the corporate strategy of international companies. It explains the role of licensing programs, alternative ways of organizing a licensing department, how companies may choose between direct equity investment and pure licensing (or combinations), how to plan for an upcoming negotiation with a licensee or joint venture partner, how to deal with governments, and the function of patents and trademarks. Based on an analysis of data from two samples of 44 companies and 241 companies respectively, numerous interviews, and case studies, Contractor makes several strategy recommendations. Also presented are aggregate data for licensing income for the U.S., broken down by country and industry. In conclusion, the author examines the objectives and limits of government regulation of international technology transfers, and makes some recommendations for national politics.

Real Estate Investing 101

RRP $24.99

Buying or Selling a house? Don't do anything before reading this book. Buying or selling a house is a whole lot easier when using a real estate agent. But not just any agent, you need a Realtor. They will save you time, money, and keep you out of trouble. This book will teach you how to find the best Realtor for you. In this book, you will learn things like .... o What Realtors are o What they can do for you o Why you should use one o Difference between a Realtor and an agent o How to find the best Realtor for you And a whole lot more. Scroll up and click the "Buy" button now, and learn how to make your real estate transaction a successful one.


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